Our air purifiers adopt advanced Nano treatment technology to improve air quality and it includes 3 phrases:

Phase IActive oxygen generator generates Ozone to deodorize and disinfect air
Phase IIHEPA filter removes 99.97% of 0.3 microgram particles to suppress bacteria growth and reduce the risk of cross infection *The life time of HEPA filter is around 3 to 6 months and it is estimated by smoking 50 cigarettes per day. Actual life time is subject to the installed venue and working hours.
Phase IIINano filter with 1nm pore size can catalytically oxidize harmful chemicals, VOCs and also reduce excess ozone.


  • Removes room odour such as smoke, spray and food smell efficiently
  • Removes irritating materials from external air
  • Removes dust and VOCs
  • Removes pollen
  • Inactivates fungi, viruses and allergensin air
  • Reduces spread of diseases from cross infection
  • Provides three airflow rate (High, Low and Silence) for different venues
  • Provides “Silence Mode” for hotels and restaurants